Hard Resets & Soft Resets for Your NOKIA ASHA PHONES

Nokia adds three new models to its Asha line, including the Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302. All of them uses the new enhanced Series 40 system with Nokia Life services. The 202 and 203 are updates to the Asha 200 and 201.Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311- All the three phones got large touchscreens and is based on S40 OS
 Nokia Asha phones are aimed at buyers who are looking to spend a small amount of money on a phone yet want all the basic features of a smartphone.

1.- Basic Reset or Soft Reset Nokia Asha 

This option restores the .ini files from the ROM.
Does not erase data (photos, videos, documents) or applications from a third party. Key Code *# 7780 # (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

2.- Total Reset or Hard Reset Nokia Asha 

This option restores the original operating system from the ROM.
Formats the C: partition and deletes all data including the memory card. Key Code *#7370# (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)
for the phones which have keypad
Turn the Mobile off.
Press and Hold “*“+ “3” + Call Green Keys.
Turn on the device by pressing the on button.
Wait until the Nokia Asha logo appear.

3.- Restore Factory Original Settings Nokia Asha 

End all calls and connections.
Select Menu Settings and Rest. fact. sett. Settings only.
Enter the security code. The default lock code (security code) is 12345.
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