How to Hard Reset and Soft Reset Nokia Asha 501

If you are thinking of sending your phone for repair, check these easy steps first. They may fix the issue and save your time and effort.
Easy fix 1: Restart your phone

Switch your phone off and take the battery out. Wait a few seconds put the battery in and switch your phone on.
Easy fix 2 : Charge your phone
Charge the battery
1. Plug the charger to a wall outlet.
2. Connect the charger to the phone.
3. When the phone indicates a full charge, disconnect the charger from the phone then from the wall outlet.
If the battery is completely discharged it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is shown or before you can make any calls.
If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging you may need to connect the charger then disconnect and reconnect it.
Easy fix 3: Restore to factory settings
Restore original settings: If your phone is not working properly you can reset some settings to their original values. This does not affect documents or files stored on your phone but we recommend you take a back-up before restoring to factory settings. See instructions in the user manual.
1. End all calls and connections.
2. Select: Menu > Settings and Restore factory sett. > Settings only.
3. Type in the security code.
After restoring the original settings your phone switches off and then on again. This may take longer than usual.

IF the above 3 doesnt work go for 

1.- Basic Reset or Soft Reset Nokia Asha 501

This option restores the .ini files from the ROM.
Does not erase data (photos, videos, documents) or applications from a third party. Key Code *# 7780 # (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

2.- Total Reset or Hard Reset Nokia Asha 501

This option restores the original operating system from the ROM.
Formats the C: partition and deletes all data including the memory card. Key Code *#7370# (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

How to unlock Nokia Asha 501 by code ?

Unlocking Nokia Asha 501 by code is very easy, it is also safest and non-invasive method of unlocking your phone. To get code for unlock Nokia Asha 501 You need to provide IMEI number of Your Nokia. Type on keyboard *#06# or remove battery from Your Nokia Asha 501 to check IMEI number. IMEI is written on the information label as shown in this picture.

To unlock Nokia is required choosing network where phone was purchased. You need to also type correct IMEI of Your phone.
Selecting the correct network and the country is very important. By choosing wrong network You will risk receiving wrong unlock code.

How to enter code in Nokia Asha 501 ?
If we have blocked counter we need to enter code or reset counter using USB cable by program below

How to enter Unlock code RESET COUNTER to nokia using USB cable

Code #pw+123456789012345+1# type in the following way:
1. Turn on the phone without sim card
2. Select character # on the keypad
3. Characters p, w, + get by choosing few times STAR *
4. Press # button to approve code
5. Message "SIM restriction OFF" appears, Your phone is now unlocked

You have only 3 attempts to enter the code. The last failed attempt will block the counter.
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