ADB and other Tools for Android tweakers

Android Debug Bridge
Very useful program made itself by Google for Programmers and developers. Its based on command line and basically communicates with your Android to respond to certain commands. There is vast amount of knowledge about adb but its most useful commands limit to getting:-

A real time log of what is happening in background of our devices. It is really useful for developers to see which component has malfunctioned and helps to narrow down their search for what failed and what needs to be fixed. Several times users are asked to give logcats of their devices which are giving errors. We will go in detail that how to get logcats in every and easiest way possible.

App Installation and Management:-
adb proves really handy if you want to install apks directly from your PC or want to batch install or delete them.

Shell Execution:-
You must have heard of Terminal Emulator. It is an app for android to execute shell commands(linux commands) which are basically present as applets in /system/bin, /system/sbin or /system/xbin(in our case) folders. A very imporant applet called busybox is installed there mainly used for execution of basic commands during root browsing or ROM installation. Many times updater script of ROMs use busybox commands to install it. Well, these commands can be initiated from your device too but they can be initiated from adb also making it easy for programmers.

Pushing and Pulling:-
Most used commands of adb. adb makes it a piece of cake for new device developers to get an ideo of structure and basic knowledge of devices by pulling command. We can pull out i.e copy any files or folders from our devices to our PC, even the root directories without rooting the devices. It help rooters and ROM chefs of new devices to get an idea and implement their mods on them. Pushing is also very useful command. It copies your files and folders from PC to your device. Very useful in pushing some /system apps and other things

Remounting and setting permissions

Basic commands:-
Of-course basic commands such as rebooting and rebooting in recovery mode and download mode are supported.

There are several other features of adb such as fastboot, aapt, etc

SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE GT-5830i Custom Roms Index for XDA

This is an index for the custom roms in XDA Developers , 

1)[ROM] SGS3 V4.0 Beta1

2)[ROM][SGS3][JB] ~~~Ex-trim Rom Series ~~~ [SMOOTH][STABLE][FAST]

3)[ROM & KERNEL] Excalibur v.6.1[31/05/2013]


5)[ROM] [Updated] [WP 8 theme ] Simplicity v5 Last Edition ! FAST ! SMOOTH [26/05/2013]

6)[ROM] Custom Rom Ceberus V5 (S3 Edition) by Frang

7) [DEV][ROM & Kernel]●๋•RazoDroiD v2.5●๋• [Update:26.09.2012]

8) [ROM] MindCr Rom v2.9 | Smooth | SGS3 | BGLH4 |

9) [AROMA] [ROM & Kernel] Ace-i-Sure v.10.0.0 GT-S5830i | Cook your ROM here!


11)[ROM+KERNAL]PeanutButter ROM V4 (REVISED) UPDATED !!!~!

12)[ROM & Kernel] BouDzDroid v.2 for GT-S5830i (Updated 23.12.2012)

13) (03.05.2013){UPDATED}{ROM}{OxxxymaRom v2.0}

14) [THEME or ROM][NEW] ICS v2 only for stock LF3 deodex

15) [DEODEXED] [XXMB1] deodexer for xxmb1

16) [ROM]Atmosphere C-Version1.0

17)Deodexed DXLF1 s5830i

18) [M!-U! ROM] Version 2.6


20) [ROM] [DEV] Java Xperia ROM v1 [Based in XperiaTized ROM] ONLY FOR XXLA2

21) [ROM] GB XXLA2 Kriztal v2.0

22)[ROM] AceCream V1.4 + Spanish patch [29/09/12] 2.3.6

23)/##/XperiaTized Final Edition Released/##/

24)[ROM]RepeXpersiS V1.6 Extended Edition for S5830i

25)[ROM][SMOOTH][JELLY-BEAN-UI]Andromeda 5.0 RC3

26) [Deodexed][Rom][2.3.6] for s5830I

27)[ROM & Kernel] Jillie Bean beta3 ROM based on XXLI1 [29.11.2012] [Discontinued]

28)[ROM & KERNEL] Deodexed XXLI1 s5830i By Alucard1989pl [Updated 1.11.2012]

29) [ROM] [Team Cooper] M!-U! DISCONTINUED

30) [ROM] [TeamCooper] Retribution beta 4 [Update-26/8/2012]

31) Ics look on stock deodex rom as well as on M! U! V2 ROM

32) [ROM]iOS Alpha for S5830i by MarcaD

33)[ROM]Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM


35) [ROM & Kernel] Aurora 1.0.0 Beta - Tutorial now included

36) [ROM] XXLB1_Deodex_By_ SadHeroXIII

37) [ROM]Gingerpimp [RELIFED]

38)[ROM] Deodexed XXLK2 s5830i By Alucard1989pl CZECH

39)[ UPDATE V2 ] iDROID ROM v1 [ XXLI1 ] [ Rom ] [ Kernel ] [ Iphone ]

40)[ROM]AndroidScream[V1][Update: 20/09/2012]

41)[ROM]Ceberus ics style

42) [ROM] Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i TeAm DiGiT ROM v.3.0 India

43) [ROM][BETA TEST] Resonance Rom v1b [SCREENSHOTS!]

44)[ROM][2.3.6][VJLK4][AROMA] Dinhodroid ROM V2 [Updated 23/10/12]

45)[ ROM & Kernel ] Ace-peria rom

46)[ROM] [Barebone] Simplicity v1 | 2.3.6 DISCONTINUED

47)[ROM] Deodexed WHLA1

48) [ROM] gingercream V2 [17/09/12] 4.1.1

49)[ROM] Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i TeAm DiGiT ROM v.3.0

50) [ROM] Deodexed XXLH2 By Alucard1989pl


52)[ROM] AceCream V1.3 acitve arabic

53) Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i TeAm DiGiT ROM

54) [ROM][Barebones]GingerAce[2.3.6]

55) GingerCream ROM-Galaxy ACE GT-S5830İ

56)[ROM][S5830i] Retribution Rom [alpha] -FIRST ROM TO BE MADE FOR OUR LITTLE MONSTER (ACE-i)

Encode your secret messages in Your Facebook Pics

Facebook is a place where you can share pictures of cute animals and fun activities. Now there’s a browser extension that lets you encode those images with secret, hard-to-detect messages.  With the extension, anyone — you, your sister, a terrorist — could share messages hidden in JPEG images uploaded to Facebook without the prying eyes of the company, the government or anyone else noticing or figuring out what the messages say. The only way to unlock them is through a password you create.

The goal of this research was to demonstrate that JPEG steganography can be performed on social media where it has previously been impossible,” Campbell-Moore tells Danger Room. He says he spent about two months spread out over the last year working on the extension as a research project for the university.

The extension is only available for the Google Chrome browser — Campbell-Moore cites its developer tools and popularity — and the messages are restricted to 140 characters. Less certain is what Facebook thinks; a spokesman declined to comment. But it’s still the first time anyone’s managed to figure out how to automate digital steganography — the practice of concealing messages inside computer files — through Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform. Unlike cryptography, which uses ciphertext to encrypt messages, steganographic messages are simply hidden where no one would think to look.

How to do 

1.Go the link  secret book chrome store

2.Click add to chrome


Refresh Facebook. Press ctrl+alt+a while on Facebook to encode a message. Press ctrl+alt+a while looking at a photo to decode a message.

Creating a new secret message

If you've just installed Secretbook then please refresh Facebook before trying to use this extension.
  1. Securely share a password with the friend you wish to communicate secretly with.
  2. While on Facebook press ctrl+alt+a to activate the secret system.
  3. Use the dialogue to create an image. Upload this new image to any album on Facebook or post it on your friend's wall.
    • Note that sending secret messages via messaging is not yet implemented
  4. Attempt to receive the message from the image you just uploaded in case an error occurred!
  5. Optional: Mention your friend in a comment or the description to ensure they know to check it for a message.
Your friend can now use the password you shared to decode the message.

Receiving a secret message

  1. While looking at an image on Facebook press ctrl+alt+a to activate the secret system.
  2. Enter your shared password to receive the secret message.

Secretbook has to be subtle. It uses Google Chrome’s web extension platform, since Facebook’s in-house apps publicly list their users — which would defeat the purpose of a secrecy tool. Since the extension runs through a web browser without a server connection, the users can’t be detected by network analysis. It’s also hard for Facebook to block or remove permissions, as the extension doesn’t rely on a Facebook API key.

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