Change and Customize Your Google Search Page

Most of us uses for searching over internet .. Here is a method to change  image for  your google home page  And make the homepage customised
It's a simple enough feature that we've heard rumors of here and there: Just go to,Pick any image from Google's Public gallery, your Picasa web album photos, or upload any image from your desktop

For this do following steps ..

1. open your browser and go to 

2. Log in to picasa with your Google ID and Password
3.You can select any albums and select upload in the top 

 4.A new window opens with Drag your Photo here ..or with select photo from your computer
    select the photo that you want to make the homepage image
5.Click OK ..

6.Now go to 
7.Select the link Change background Image in the bottom left corner
8.A new window will appear to select image for  your google home page. Select Your Picasa Web Photos or Your Recent Picks from the side tab on the window
9.Select the Picture that you want to make the google home page image .. 
The google page will load your image as home page .. and njoy... 
you can also set the popular images in the picasa web albums... 
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