Check your Android Device is vulnerable ? How to Make it Secure

Now we heard that a serious security vulnerability was recently discovered that could wipe everything off of some Samsung phones. Although Samsung issued a patch for the Galaxy S III, it turns out it's not just Samsung devices that are affected. Here's how to find out if your Android device is vulnerable.

 Essentially, some phones support special dial codes called USSDs (e.g., dialing *#06# to display the phone's IMEI number). Through malicious links in a website, SMS, NFC beam or QR code, hackers can perform a factory reset on your phone, lock the SIM card, and more—without warning.

Steps to find the your Android device is vulnerable , and make it  secure by using an patch

1 . Go to the link on your phones browser

2.If your phone is vulnerable , you'll immediately see your phone's IMEI number pop up.

If you are vulnerable, you should look for the latest updates for your device.Usually you can go to Settings > About Phone > System Update to check for available updates 

Some browsers (most notably Opera) appear to offer some security by not handling the iframe injection code immediately.

Two apps have also been developed to protect against the vulnerability: Auto-reset blocker andTelStop.

Finally, as always, avoid clicking on any unknown links.

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