10 Things to Do after installing Linux Mint 15 olivia KDE

I just installed Linux Mint 15 KDE desktop ,its really awesome,

Here is some tips for the newbies

1.Keyboard Shortcuts for the KDE Desktop

2. update the system


 sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

3. Make LibreOffice look great
The menu-bar of Libreoffice looks ugly under KDE. But there is an easy way to fix it.
1. Remove libreoffice-kde4 packages
2. install kde-gtk-config
3. install gtk3-engine-oxygen
Now, go to desktop settings > application appearance > Gtk configuration
Here select oxygen-gtk in both GTK2 and 3 themes. Now, you Gtk apps will look beautiful and KDEfied.

4 Get your Android device working under Linux Mint(KDE)

Independent developers have done an incredible job at bringing Android support to GNU/Linux. In order to be able to connect and access your Android devices from KDE's Dolphin,  search for kio-mtp (select the version of Linux Mint you are running). If the package is still in 'testing/unstable' stage, LInux Mint will ask you to deliberately click on the button 'Show unstable package' so that you are aware of the fact) and then the rest it one-click install.
It will also add and enable that repo where the packages is hosted so you can get future updates automatically. Do the same process for 'libmtp' and once both these packages are installed, reboot your system. Now you can connect and access your Android devices from Linux Mint

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