Recover Formatted Deleted Data from your hard disk , USB , memory card

Recently I  unknowingly formatted my internal hard disk of laptop , about 500 GB of data lost . I got panic and i searched the ways to recover my data and i found a way using a opensource software called TestDisk , and its working , here is the step by step method

Requirements : Live bootable ubuntu or Linux Mint , i used Linux mint

install the test disk by

$sudo apt-get install testdisk

on terminal

after installing testdisk

go for recovery terminal
2. $sudo testdisk


Log creation

  • Choose Create to instruct Testdisk to create a log file containing technical information and messages, unless you have a reason to append data to the logor you execute TestDisk from read only media and must create the log elsewhere.
  • Choose None if you do not want messages and details of the process to be written into a log file (useful if for example Testdisk was started from a read-only location).
  • Press Enter to proceed.


Disk selection

select the hard disk or device to recovered
  • Use up/down arrow keys to select your hard drive with the lost partition/s.
  • Press Enter to Proceed.


Partition table type selection

  • Select the partition table type - usually the default value is the correct one as TestDisk auto-detects the partition table type.
  • Press Enter to Proceed.


Current partition table status

  • Use the default menu "Analyse" to check your current partition structure and search for lost partitions.
  • Confirm at Analyse with Enter to proceed.
he first partition is listed twice which points to a corrupted partition or an invalid partition table entry.
Invalid NTFS boot points to a faulty NTFS boot sector, so it's a corrupted filesystem.
Only one logical partition (label Partition 2) is available in the extended partition. One logical partition is missing.
  • Confirm at Quick Search to proceed.

Quick Search for partitions

  • Confirm according to your OS and created partitions to proceed.

Save the partition table or search for more partitions?
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