some simple TRICKS in UBUNTU OS

#1 Add a . before the file name to hide your files (for example .song.mp3)

Unlike Windows where you need to go to a file's properties in order to hide it, Ubuntu has a simple and easy method for hiding a file. Simply add . as the first letter to a filename and your file automatically becomes hidden. For example, if you want to hide "mypicture.jpg", simply rename it to ".mypicture.jpg" to hide it.

To see these files, simply open the location folder and press Ctrl+H. (Isn't that faster!!)

#2 Run a lost program and discover hidden software

If you can't find an installed application, then press Alt+F2. And from the buttons shown at the foot of your screen you can explore all categories of applications on your system.

#3 Change folder and file icons

If you want to use a different image for your file or folder instead of the standard icons, just right click an item and go to the Properties. The current icon is visible at the top left corner, click that icon and browse to the image that you want to use. Once changed, you can also reset the image by clicking Revert at the bottom.

#4 Create fancy desktop effects

You first need to Install Compiz Config Settings apt:compizconfig-settings-manager Manager. 

Now go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager.

You'll find a whole range of options to change your appearance settings.

To enable these effects, you will require a decent graphics card. If things seem to be slow afterwards, you can disable this in System > Preferences > Appearance, and use None or Normal Visual Effects. 
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