Simulation and Analysis of Routing Protocol under CBR and TCP Traffic Source in NS2

In this project we are going to investigate the performance of some routing protocols for Ad-Hoc Networks under CBR and TCP traffic source. The behaviors of TCP still have not well understood in the multi-hop wireless networks. Through this paper we are able to find that how TCP will react under different network conditions. In this traffic and mobility scenarios play an important role in evaluating the performance of these networks, despite comment and belief from various researches on TCP's weaknesses on MANET. As Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) support multi-hops wireless communication without using any existing infrastructure or centralized administration. And support continuous changing network topology, provides distributed operations, easily deployment and thus, routing becomes a challenging task. A different flavor of reactive and proactive routing protocols are analyze with varying network conditions and speed to find an optimized route from a source to some possible destination. This paper presents how routing protocol will behave in less and more stressful condition, performance of mobile ad hoc network routing protocol such as AODV, DSDV, DSR, to simulate the above said protocol on the base of normalize routing load, throughput, Average End-to-End to delay, packet loss and packet delivery fraction. For our simulation we used a discrete event simulator known as Network Simulator version 2.34.

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