-ClockWorkMod Recovery 5 - for use in future custons rom or partial back-up.-
CWM Recovery WORKING! not fleshable version, on reboot it back to stock recovery!
put file in your sdcard and run in original recovery same as apply update!

-Full backup with CWM to ODIN format.-
1. Copy both files and to SDCARD.
2. Turn off the phone, press and hold VOL-UP + HOME + POWER.
3. Apply the update file from sdcard.
4. Apply the update file from sdcard and wait the copy and generation of FW.


To get stock FimWare go to FirmWares Stock SamSung if you phone model and operator is not listed go to FirmWare Checker and PUT your phone details, after minutes, You FirmWare stay available.

-To get phone details-.
*2767*4387264636# - viewer the product code.
*#1234# - viewer the PHONE PDA CSC versions.

-Sample of required details in FirmWare checker-.
Product Code = GT-S5830OKCZTO

Sample of Check Fus Downloader, to download firmware direct from samsung servers!

To flash the FirmWare is needed SamSung drivers installed and the ODIN3 v3.07.

Turn off the PHONE, press and hold VOL-UP + VOL-DOWN + POWER
select download mode in screen and start ODIN3, inside ODIN3 select your files, PIT, BOOT, PHONE, PDA, CSC, the BOOT file not needed!

If you have only one file xxxx.tar.md5 put into PDA.

Only leave selected the checkbox, reboot and Factory reset.

Just press START!

Thanks all.


Hello ! Guys , Today I'm Teaching You How To Un-Brick Micromax Funbook P-300 , Infinity , Alpha , Talk And Other.... As You Know Bricking Voids Warranty If You Take a Bricked Device To Service Center They Won't Repair It or They May Need Some Green . So , This Tutorial Teaches You To Un-Brick Micromax Funbook , If You Have Bricked Any Other Tablet Or Phone "Click Here" . This Link May Help You , This Link Takes You To Facebook Timeline Of Ebin Ephrem , Make Him Friend And Chat With Him , He Will Shurely Help You.


Things Required : 1) PC.

                                 :  2) USB Data Cable. 

                                 :  3) Micromax Funbook.

Downloads            :

Working Time

Step:1 Download unbrick.Zip , Extract It In a Convenient Place 

Step:2  You Will Find Livesuitpack_version_1.07 Inside The Folder Extracted Just Before .

Step:3 Open The Application , Give Yes To All.

Step:4 Choose The File Image From The Folder.

Step:5 Press And Hold Back Button , Connect Funbook To PC Via USB Data Cable.

Step:6 From Task Bar Something Will Popup , Just Ignore That.

Step:7 In Your PC's Keyboard press WIndows key+R You Will see Run Pop-up. 
            Type 'devmgmt.msc' and Press Enter . Device Manager Will Open.
             You can Notice That There Is a Device Named "Unknown Device".
             Right Click On it And Choose Update Driver software. 
             Now Choose "Browse My Compluer For Driver software".
             Browse To Folder Where You Have Extracted Livesuite Folder.

Step:8 Without Leaving Back Button , Press Power Button 10 Times As Quick As Possible.

Step:9  Now a Popup Will Appear In Live-Suite , Give Yes On Both Popup.

Step:10 Live Suite Started Flashing When It Becomes Full , Unplug Funbook From PC.

Step:11 Press Power Button , WoaaH! My Funbook Is Un-Bricked.



Installation Notes:

  • Micromax Funbook comes Pre-rooted  so you don't have to root it again
  • Download superuser from [superuser.apk] and Install it
  • After opening Super User will ask for permission press GRANT
  • Root Function started to work on your funbook
  • Now you can use any app that ask for root acces

Adapting BitTorrent to Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

 BitTorrent is one of the Internet's most e cient content distribution protocols. It is known to perform very well over the wired Internet where end-to-end performance is almost guaranteed. However, in wireless ad hoc networks, many constraints appear as the scarcity of resources and their shared nature, which make running BitTorrent with
its default con guration not lead to best performances. To these constraints it adds the fact that peers are both routers and end-users and that TCP-performance drops seriously with the number of hops. 

We show in this work that the neighbor selection mechanism in BitTorrent plays an important role in determining the performance of the protocol when deployed over a wireless ad hoc network. It is no longer e cient to choose and treat with peers independently of their location. A rst solution is to limit the scope of the neighborhood. In this case, TCP connections are fast but there is no more diversity of pieces in the network: pieces propagate in a unique direction from the seed to distant peers. This prohibits peers from reciprocating data and leads to low sharing ratios and suboptimal utilization of network resources. To recover from these impairments,
we propose an enhancement to BitTorrent which aims to minimize the time to download the content and at the same time to enforce cooperation among peers. Our solution considers a restricted neighborhood to reduce routing overhead and to improve throughput, while establishing few connections to remote peers to improve diversity of pieces. With the help of extensive NS-2 simulations, we show that these enhancements
to BitTorrent signi cantly improve the le completion time while fully pro ting from the incentives implemented in BitTorrent to enforce fair sharing

full download paper is here
Full code is on

Bidding and Betting ,Old Trends are Back in Games

Now the match fixing and betting  is on trends

India have a big tradition on Gambling and Bidding .Gambling has existed in India for longer than history accounts .In the Ramayana both gambling boards, believed by some to be the game of chess, and gambling with dice are described. Early Gambling Devices was cards and boards . European Influence and Law Whilst India had a major role in early gambling history, in time European influence took over. In 1720’s cricket started to catch on and late that century it was full force as the betting sport of choice. 

online gambling today the major gambling done in India is lottery, horse racing and Paplu (Rummy) all legal, whilst a black-market as large $60 billion per year exists for illegal sport betting.

And I when i googled ,i got many android and iPhone applications and games that are based on bidding and betting . And really it has a huge market too ..

Here is wonderful cricket bidding game 
Cricket Betting Club. and its an amazing app ,Loved the concept. Must have app for all cricket lovers. Kudoos to the developers.

 In Cricket Betting Club you could place virtual bet for live cricket matches. With Cricket Betting Club you can place bet for all International Cricket Matches; ODIs, Tests, IPL, County etc.  Calculate your odds, place your bet accordingly and win. Ran out of chips, no issues you have your daily credits.Quiz section, not only increase your knowledge in cricket but also get rewarded with chips for each correct answer.Find what others think about the match by looking at bet percentage.Cricket betting club also helps you to keep track of your bet.The bet doesn't end with simple win or draw wager. There are many other questions to wager your bet.
Kudoos to Ovoid Studios .

Download the game and enjoy Betting   
Download. Experiance the Gambling 

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500)

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500) is the successor to the mid-range Samsung smartphone Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830). Announced by Samsung on January 3, 2012 for a release in the first quarter of 2012, the Ace Plus has a bigger screen and more powerful internals.


  • You should be aware that  rooting an android device will make its warranty void.
  • You should download all required drivers- Drivers can be downloaded from below.

Download Required Driver:

  •  Here you can download all required files for rooting process

Let's Get Started:


  • Download CWM Recovery.7z from attachments. Extract Recovery.tar

  • Download Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed.7z 

  • Extract and copy it to your SD card (internal or external).

  • Put your phone in Download mode by holding down the volume down and home button and then pressing the power button. Flash Recovery.tar using Odin.

  • Put your phone in Recovery mode by holding down the volume up and home button and then pressing the power button. . Flash from recovery

  • Reboot and Its Done!

How to Root & Install Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

Just Download Galaxy Ace Plus_CWM+ROOT Package (4 MB) Has all required files in it.

1Requires Samsung Kies (or Install from here)  (For Flash Drivers) + ADB Drivers 

2Put your device in Download Mode: Power off , press and keep 
Volume Down + Home + Power, when screen turns on leave power button. It will show Press up to continue. Press up to enter download mode.

3Run 1_Odin.exe, select the cwm.tar package as PDA, Press Start and wait for phone to reboot.
(You will see large yellow column  in odin if you had connected your phone in download mode. When your had successfully flashed, it will change to green,  red means an error, try again.) 

4After Reboot, Power off your mobile, Enter recovery mode by pressing 
Volume UP + Volume Down + Home + Power , Release Power button after you see the screen on.

5Run 2_Runme.bat (As Administrator, and turn off antivirus before or it will not work.)

Sometimes, if you got errors, then you need to Advance > mount /system from Clockwork Recovery and re run 2_Runme.bat. 

6) If it dont shows any error you are rooted. (Restart your phone)


Batch file gives error(s) : 
1) Check Device Manager for ADB Drivers.
2) Mount /system from advance menu in CWM.
3) Disable Antivirus / Firewalls.
4) Run batch files as administrator.

How to go into CWM recovery:
Volume UP + Volume Down + Home + Power on startup. Let power button unpressed after screen is on.
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