Adapting BitTorrent to Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

 BitTorrent is one of the Internet's most e cient content distribution protocols. It is known to perform very well over the wired Internet where end-to-end performance is almost guaranteed. However, in wireless ad hoc networks, many constraints appear as the scarcity of resources and their shared nature, which make running BitTorrent with
its default con guration not lead to best performances. To these constraints it adds the fact that peers are both routers and end-users and that TCP-performance drops seriously with the number of hops. 

We show in this work that the neighbor selection mechanism in BitTorrent plays an important role in determining the performance of the protocol when deployed over a wireless ad hoc network. It is no longer e cient to choose and treat with peers independently of their location. A rst solution is to limit the scope of the neighborhood. In this case, TCP connections are fast but there is no more diversity of pieces in the network: pieces propagate in a unique direction from the seed to distant peers. This prohibits peers from reciprocating data and leads to low sharing ratios and suboptimal utilization of network resources. To recover from these impairments,
we propose an enhancement to BitTorrent which aims to minimize the time to download the content and at the same time to enforce cooperation among peers. Our solution considers a restricted neighborhood to reduce routing overhead and to improve throughput, while establishing few connections to remote peers to improve diversity of pieces. With the help of extensive NS-2 simulations, we show that these enhancements
to BitTorrent signi cantly improve the le completion time while fully pro ting from the incentives implemented in BitTorrent to enforce fair sharing

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