Interesting facts about Linux

1.Linux has caught on in many sectors and probably one of the least known is the film industry. 95% of the servers used by Hollywood studios for animation films have installed a GNU / Linux. In fact, the Oscar-winning visual effects of the Titanic by James Cameron came from machines with Linux and, according to James Cameron, Avatar was the first film shot entirely in 3D applications using free software on Linux machines.

2. 90% of the world's most powerful supercomputers using an operating system GNU / Linux, in fact, the top ten of supercomputers use Linux..IBM chose Linux for what is expected to be the world's most powerful supercomputer, Sequoia, due in 2011.Linux powers 446 of the world's top 500 supercomputers.

3.Linux is present in highly critical applications such as Japan's bullet trains, traffic control, San Francisco, the New York Stock Exchange, CERN, many air traffic control systems or control of nuclear reactors of submarines and ships many nuclear war.

4.There are over 300 distributions GNU / Linux activities ranging from the well known Ubuntu or Debian distributions through governmental or educational level.

5.Countries such as Russia, Brazil and Venezuela have put their focus on Linux as a basis for interoperable management , cost efficient and technologically independent.
6. Linux has a strong following in smartphones and other devices in the consumer electronics world.Palm's WebOS, Google's Android and Nokia's Maemo smartphone operating systems are built on top of the Linux kernel.

7. Torvalds created Linux based on the GNU General Public License (GPL).Under the GPL, any person or group distributing the Linux kernel must make the source code available to the recipient of the package. Said Torvalds: "Making Linux GPL'd was definitely the best thing I ever did."

8.The Debian distribution was one of the first truly community-oriented Linux coding projects. Debian v. 4.0's source code containes 283 million lines of code. Debian's code base remains the foundation for other distros such as Ubuntu, Knoppix and Xandros

9$7.37 billion: projected cost to produce that amount of code in a commercial environment.
10.Red Hat was one of the first commercial Linux distributions to truly cater to the enterprise.

11.Ubuntu was the first Linux distro to be offered by a major OEM (Dell) to desktop users.

12. The Xandros distribution helped make the netbook craze possible when it was chosen by ASUS for the first iterations of the EeePC.

13.In 2002, The Register claimed Microsoft spent $421 million just to fight Linux.

14.The Indian state of Kerala made it mandatory for all of its high schools to run Linux on their computers.The federal government of Brazil favors Linux operating systems over all others in its PCs.

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