Install Arduino on Linux Mint 13

Downloaded version 0022 from:
   // it downloaded to my /home/mark/Downloads directory

// open terminal from Linux mint menu

// go to downloads directory
cd ~/Downloads

// untar the downloaded file
tar -vxzf arduino-0022.tgz

// change directory to replace librxtxSerial library    
cd arduino-0022/lib

// backup original lib

//find librxtxSerial library that works for this system
find / -ls 2>&1 | grep -i librxtxSerial

if librxtSerial library is not found somewhere in a /usr/lib subdirectory
   //  this will require root  password
  sudo apt-get install arduino
  // rerun the find command


// found it in /usr/lib/jni
// copy it to arduino-0022/lib directory
cp /usr/lib/jni/ .

// go up one directory
cd ..                            

// exec arduino software

tip1: if for some reason openJDK doesn't work for you, try the oracle JRE:
  • it is HIGHLY recommended to use arduino IDE 1.0.1, because it use an internal pre-build gcc compiler. This exclude all tool-chain problem, or at least guarantee we all have the same problem.
tip2: if you stll want to use older IDE Install avr-gcc (aka "gcc-avr"), avr-gcc-c++, avr-lib only if you plan to use the arduino-IDE PRIOR 1.0.1
tip3:older arduino board (like arduino 2009, mini, etc..) works perfectly on the IDE 1.0.1
  • Plug In your arduino.
  • if prior to arduino UNO you should find
where X is a number that may vary.
if arduino UNO you should find
where X is a number that may vary
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